How to live in society and at peace with yourself?

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How can we continue to live with faith in our hearts?

Atheistic sentiments are increasingly growing in modern society. Religious beliefs are gradually turning from a support for people, a philosophical basis for life, into a set of rites and rituals that are entertaining. Much of the reason for this is that people do not understand how it is possible to live in modern society with faith in their hearts. For them, religious views and progress are opposites that will sooner or later supplant each other. We do not agree with this position. In most cases, the conflict between religious beliefs and public life is due to banal ignorance, lack of understanding of the basics of beliefs, and as a result of mindless obscurantism. The team of our site is sure that learning more about the religions of the world, people will begin to treat other people's faith with more understanding and it will help to avoid many conflicts.


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