A modern religion for those who like to laugh

Sillyism is a modern religious movement built around the concept of stupidity. It is quite an independent spiritual teaching, which corresponds to the broad concept of religion, that is, it is a certain spiritual system of beliefs and principles. Religion preaches stupidity as a way of life. The point is to take everything a little less seriously than we are used to: to perform silly everyday rituals, silly actions and to wonder at everything like a child.

The main sacred relic of this church is the holy ground from the town of Silli in Switzerland. There is no main religious text as such, it is considered to be any message of the founder of the religion in WhatsUp. This unconventional movement combines humor, satire and a touch of irreverence with a deep exploration of existential questions, challenging traditional norms and providing a unique perspective on the world.


Sillyism was created not too long ago, in 2022. The creator of the young religion is youtuber Max Fosh. The religion was born as an experiment: Max decided to find out how easy it is to create a spiritual movement on his own, consulted with a specialist - and fulfilled all the requirements. The new church acquired its own relics, sacred text, was recognized by the state and held its first meeting. Of course, it didn't look quite the way we are used to.

While Sillyism may not boast ancient scriptures or revered prophets as its cornerstones, the very principles of this doctrine are very relevant and rooted in human history. Against the backdrop of an increasingly serious world where ritualized religious dogma dominates every aspect of daily life and joy is becoming fleeting at best, the Church of Silly has emerged as an answer to monotony, to rediscover true joy and break the monotony.

Why you should choose sillyism

1. Freedom from stress and worries

Sillyism offers an escape from the burden of stress and worries of everyday life. Through humor and their own silliness, followers of sillyism discover the art of not taking life too seriously. This makes them feel more confident even in difficult circumstances.

2. Accepting the vagaries of life

There are many unpredictable things in life. These twists and turns sometimes defy logic and reason. Instead of panicking, use silliness as a means to enjoy the quirks and absurdities inherent in everyday life. Sillyism empowers its followers to enjoy these aspects of life without commitment, encouraging them to find meaning in the unexpected twists and turns on their unique life journey.

Where it comes in handy

People who practice sillyism participate in what are called "silly meditations." They imagine drifting in an ocean of laughter or dancing under the stars. These imaginary exercises are meant to ease their mind and spirit, promoting a sense of joy and well-being.

In sillyism, the rituals take on an entertaining character. They are quite ridiculous in themselves, among them the "Goofy Gopher Dance" and the "Silly Serenade," for example. Nevertheless, such rituals are excellent in fighting stress, helping to remove social complexes and establish contact with the people around them.


One of the wonderful aspects of the Church of Silly is its inclusive nature. There is no room for discrimination in sillyism: it welcomes all who are looking for a break from the seriousness of life and offers to laugh at the complexities together. This inclusivity fosters a sense of community that collapses boundaries and provides a space where people from different walks of life can come together in the pursuit of joy.


Modern parody religions can be perceived in different ways. Some like them as a joke, others do not consider them serious at all. Nevertheless, such young spiritual movements can change our attitude to many aspects of life and unite seemingly disparate people into interesting communities.


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