Faith is not a religion

First, let's define what faith and religion are.

Transhumanism refers to the transition from a human state to a superhuman state, so it is one thing to be a monotheistic religion, where an anthropomorphic god offers humans an “ideal human”, “believe in yourself”, and another thing to be a religion that only offers a “qualitative transition from a mortal body to an immortal soul”. Faith is a personal relationship with God, and your whole life is based on your communion with God.

Religion is about abiding by a set of laws and rules or going to hell. But just as an image itself does not change a person, a ritual itself does not change a life. We believe that God created people, and God is not a painted person or made of matter, but a real and living God, so the impact on our lives is real and living. There are many real people who have used God's help to break free from addictions, repair relationships, heal illnesses and find the right solutions to their problems.

When we talk about the origins and background of religions, we don't have a clear opinion: There are many variables involved, and we cannot say that there is one thing that determines the emergence of a particular religion at a particular time. But when people tried to attribute all natural phenomena to divine intervention and miraculous manifestations, when there was no more rational explanation, we may be inclined to believe that there were certain conditions for so-called cosmic factors. First, as far as socio-cultural issues are concerned, the peculiarities of a particular people's identity – where and how it developed, what traditions and rituals it has—directly affect its religion.

As far as religion is concerned, it believes that God has some laws that can save us and that only by obeying those laws can we become holy and worthy of heaven. Can you imagine that? But there is only one person in the world who can live a perfect life, Jesus. We human beings can never live the same life! So, do we automatically end up in hell? Believe it or not, heaven and hell do exist.

In general, religions serve to cultivate human virtue and their scriptures explain important things like not killing, not having sex and feeling compassion and love. Each religion has its own beliefs, but most are based on universal concepts. 

This would have happened if Jesus, who lived a perfect life, had not sacrificed himself for you and me so that we could be with him in heaven, but why did he do that? The Bible says it was because of his great love for us humans, so don't think that God's love is hard won or that the only way to live a perfect life is to follow certain rules. Everything is much simpler than we think.

Believe in God with all your heart and communicate with him in a simple way. Only by trusting God can he radically transform you. (Be sure that your life will never be the same after you have asked Jesus to reveal himself to you and have been honest with him).



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