Star Wars: The Jedi religion in real life

In a galaxy far, far away, a unique and intriguing phenomenon has emerged. Jediism is a religion inspired by the iconic Star Wars franchise. The idea of basing a belief system on a fictional universe is quite bizarre, but Jediism has gathered a number of devoted followers who find deep meaning in the teachings of the Jedi Order.

The roots of Jediism

Jediism takes as its foundation the beliefs and principles of the Jedi warriors, a cult from the Star Wars universe. The Jedi value justice, peace, and the pursuit of knowledge. To realize their values, they use the force, a mystical energy that permeates all living things. Fans of the franchise have begun to identify with these ethical ideals and incorporate them into their own lives.

Philosophy of Jediism

At the heart of Jediism is a whole set of philosophical principles. They are all based on the Jedi code shown in Star Wars. The code emphasizes concepts such as self-discipline, compassion, and the rejection of fear and anger. Followers of Jediism believe in the importance of maintaining inner balance, staying true to one's moral compass, and striving for harmonious coexistence with the world around them.

The force as a spiritual concept

Central to Jediism is the concept of the force. The force is a kind of energy field. It binds the galaxy together and maintains balance in the Star Wars universe. Jediists interpret the force as a spiritual presence that binds all living things. In their understanding, it is both a source of power and guidance from above. Practitioners of Jediism often meditate on the force, seeking to tap into its wisdom and increase their awareness.

Practices and rituals

Practices in Jediism are quite numerous and they all mirror those shown in the movie franchise. One of the most common is meditation. The point is to focus on the force and gain inner peace and clarity of thought. Some Jedi also practice martial arts to maintain discipline and physical fitness. It is also considered a ritual to read the Jedi Code and wear clothing reminiscent of the Jedi robes from the movies.

Community and brotherhood

Jediism is about a community of like-minded individuals who share a common belief system. Online forums, local gatherings, and even official Jedi organizations allow practitioners to feel a sense of unity and embody the ideals we've all grown to love. In these venues, followers can discuss their experiences, share knowledge, and support each other on their spiritual journey.

Criticism and controversy

Despite its growing popularity, Jediism has been criticized by skeptics. They dismiss it as nonsense inspired by ridiculous fiction. Some argue that turning a fictional cult into a real religion belittles the importance of the world's religions. Others see it as a form of cultural appropriation, as Jediism borrows elements from a franchise that draws inspiration from various real-world religions and philosophies.


Born in the fictional Star Wars galaxy, Jediism has transcended the screen and has become a true spiritual path for many. Although critics may question its validity, followers of Jediism believe that the principles of the Jedi are the refined ideals of humanity, that is, the best of the world's religions.

We can view Jediism as a subculture, or we can view it as a full-fledged teaching based on the principles of justice, peaceful existence, and the interconnectedness of all living things. Either way, this religion once again proves the influence of modern culture on human spirituality.


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