Incense: How and why to use it

Burning incense sticks is not just a ritualistic practice. It has been part of many cultures for hundreds of years and has all sorts of health benefits. Many of them may surprise you. They reduce stress, relieve anxiety, make you sleep more deeply, and improve your health.

1. Forget about stress

Incense has been around since ancient times and is an incredible way to calm your mind and body. In general, it is not only a religious practice, but also a type of aromatherapy that is beneficial for overall health. The subtle yet strong aroma of incense helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels. You will immediately feel calmer and more comfortable.

Incense can be especially helpful during meditation or yoga classes. You can use them to enhance your spiritual experience, this is proven by many eastern practices. If you've had a hard day, incense can help you relax and let go of accumulated tension. Plus, it's a good tool for all sorts of spiritual practices - it will help you focus and bring peace of mind. If you want to relieve stress without resorting to medication, this is the way to go.

2. Sleep better

Burning incense helps to make you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling better. Certain types of incense have been scientifically proven to have relaxing properties that improve sleep quality.

For example, chamomile has a very strong positive effect on the nervous system. If you don't like chamomile tea, incense is just what you need. Even just burning incense sticks can greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Just pick the right time and don't burn too many at a time. Not only will it help relieve stress and reduce pain, but it can also help with digestive upset.

It's not just chamomile that will help. You can opt for frankincense and lavender - these incenses are also very good at helping with sleep. You might even be surprised at how powerful they are.

3. Remember everything

Another benefit of incense is improving your memory. With their help you will not become a genius, but you can think more clearly - the main thing is just to choose the right flavor. A study by the University of Freiburg a few years ago confirmed that burning rose incense can improve your cognitive abilities. Just use them while you sleep - the effect is stronger that way.

Among other things, according to the study, rose incense can help you increase your vocabulary. You will not magically learn words in your sleep, but you will find it easier to use vocabulary that was previously in the passive stock. You can see the results the very next day. The same thing works if you are learning a foreign language.

So, if you want to boost your cognitive ability and improve your memory, incorporate incense, such as rose-scented incense, into your daily lifestyle.

4. Boost your health

Two more interesting incense scents are eucalyptus and tea tree. They are useful in their own right, and incense with their use helps to boost immunity, and they fight infections in a healthy way. Perhaps it seems strange, but in the past, rooms were fumigated just for the purpose of disinfection - and it works.

In addition to them, you can use frankincense: it is useful for blood circulation and cleanses the body by affecting the sensory glands. Frankincense is great if you have a cold and a stuffy nose. The effect is noticeable almost immediately.

There is also organic agarbattis - it is also quite useful. In addition, some people believe that it brings happiness. Among other things, this incense smells very pleasant.

5. Reduce inflammation

Incense made from myrrh and frankincense can relieve inflammation. If you have something that hurts or breaks you, burning a stick of incense with frankincense will help. It also works if you have discomfort in your joints or muscles. Also, this kind of incense can help with osteoarthritis: their resins block leukotrienes. These are what cause you inflammation and it has been scientifically proven that incense can take away joint stiffness.

Among other things, incense in general has a positive effect on an inflamed body.


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